Contemporary Dance Workshop – Nadia Matiu

Sunday 24th Jan, 1.00 PM
Introductory session, donation-based

Nadia Matiu is a contemporary dancer based in Delhi looking at doing a workshop series at Delhi Rock to teach elements of contemporary dance form and contact improvisation. The class will be fun, intensive and creative. We promise you’ll leave it feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised.

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Hampi Over New Year’s

It’s time to go to Hampi folks! We thought we’d create a page listing all of the beta we had from last year, so that folks can contribute to it, and help organise their trips this year. We’re working with Project Rockface on this trip, so that climbers going from Delhi have the best information on Hampi we can provide.

We’re also using Facebook to help share information on this year’s trip, so please head over to the event page if you’d like to take part.

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SITAR YOGA with John and Ravi Daniel Rangel

This is for all yoga lovers and music lovers.
Take time out for yourself and your wellness, and join John and Ravi in their unique collaboration.
John silently leads you into the yoga asanas and Ravi accompanies your movement on the sitar. The harmonised flow will lead you to immerse yourself in the melody of the mind, the rhythm of the body, and the harmony of the soul.
Date & Venue :
17th Jan’ 2016
10:30AM to 12PM
Delhi Rock (GK2)
How to join:
Registration is a must
Rs 700 per person
For more information and enquiry, please send an email to or call us at +91 9971788393.

Horn OK Please – Vasu Primlani @ DR

We are proud to announce Vasu Primlani performing her comedy show @ Delhi Rock on Friday the 13th of November! Vasu is a friend and supporter of the gym, and her style of gentle but hilarious and super smart comedy will be a pleasure to host at the gym.
Tickets are on sale at India Insider, do purchase online! The show starts at 7.30 PM, so please be seated by 7.15, at Delhi Rock.

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Kareri Lake and Minkiani Pass

Overnight bus to Dharamsala, and then a 1.5 hr taxi to Kareri village via Ghera. About Rs 1,500 one way. Our taxi contact was Suman, 94182 53008.

Day 1: Kareri village (5,600 ft) to Kareri lake (9,650 ft), approximately 15 km and 7 hours one way, easy to moderate difficulty

Day 2: Kareri lake to Minkiani pass (13,950 ft), approximately 14 km and 8 hours roundtrip, challenging due to steepness, routefinding and altitude

Day 3: Back to Kareri village, approximately 15 km and 4 hours

Map link: Credits Simon Gottwalt.

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Patalsu 3 Day Winter Camping. 3rd Edition!

So, our third attempt at summiting Mt Patalsu! November 27 to 29.

Late November, early December is apparently a good time to head up to Manali and try Patalsu, 14,500 ft. We’ve done this twice before, and not summited, once because we tried to do a single day and that was too aggressive, and the second time we got weathered off the mountain.

So, this time we’re going to take three full days, winter camping for two nights so that we have a great shot at it. From our last trip, see pictures, we have a rough idea of where to pitch tents midway, so the plan is to get to Manali and try and knock off at least 2,000 feet of vertical the first day, pitch, do another 2,000 the next day and pitch, and then the remaining 2,000 on summit day and come all the way back.

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Two Day Acroyoga Workshop With Jenny Hößler

Jenny is back from her trip to Germany, in Delhi for a few days, and wanted to come back and teach at Delhi Rock! This is a two day Acroyoga workshop suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Here’s a little about Acroyoga:

Acroyoga blends the wisdom of Yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of the healing arts. These three elements cultivate trust, playfulness and community. In Acroyoga we play with the opposite energies of giving and receiving, flying and being strong.

Jenny is a super experienced teacher with over ten years of experience teaching diverse physical disciplines, and has been focused on Acroyoga for the last five, so do please try and attend this workshop to learn from her. She’ll lead everybody through a shared preparatory routine, and then form small groups which will work on material suitable for their level of experience. Continue reading Two Day Acroyoga Workshop With Jenny Hößler

Aerial Tricks, Transitions and Development with Isi Lumbroso

ISI LUMBROSO trains with Helene Embling at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne for the purpose of act development in aerial silks. Isi has been performing and teaching in various locations throughout Australia and Israel in her 7 years of silks training, teaching all levels from beginners to advanced.
Having studied at NICA and with Circus Oz, Isi is insured to teach aerial silks globally and this past year has performed at various festivals and venues in Australia including Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Electro Swing Night and more.
Isi will be offering a specialised class in TRICKS, TRANSITIONS, ACT CREATION and REFINEMENT at Delhi Rock:

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