Lead climbing class | Nainital trip

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Hi everybody, We’ve got a climbing trip and a lead climbing class coming up! Ganeshsir is starting lead climbing classes at the gym from Friday the 23rd of September. This is suitable for anybody who’s belay certified, and wants to pick up the skills required to lead belay and lead climb safely. The lead climbing module is 4 classes, focused on: equipment used in sport lead; fitness for the added endurance required; clipping technique and practice; lead belay; communication and teamwork; rope coiling, storage, flaking and other ropework tips; quick draw placement and route planning.


Qi Gong with Prashant

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Sat 27th August, 11.30 – 1.30 Sun 28th August, 11.30 – 1.30 Rs 1,000 for 1st day | Rs 1,600 for both days   ABOUT QI GONG   The word Qi Gong is composed of two Chinese ideograms:   QI, meaning breath, energy; and   GONG, representing work, the means utilised, as well as mastering the objective aimed at.


Capoeira for kids!

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27th and 28th August 4.00 to 5.30 PM  500 rs per child per day Ages 4-15 Centre for Capoeira India is bringing this workshop for the first time to Delhi for kids to learn dance, self-defence, acrobatics, and live percussion music with Afro-Brazilian culture.

Circus arts

Circus Arts with Shweta

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Shweta is a trained circus arts professional, and in this workshop will teach elements of circus, including aerial silks and handstands, to kids. Key elements are (a) learning correct form to avoid injury and be most efficient (b) warming up, conditioning, stretching and cooling down to have the foundation for trying strenuous moves and (c) staying engaged and having fun with a great group.


Welcome to Delhi Rock, Pilates by Eesha

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We’re lucky to have Eesha Singh teach at Delhi Rock – she’s an Asian champion in ballroom dance, is an internationally trained and certified Pilates teacher, and has excellent teaching demeanour and ability. For more about Eesha and her Pilates program, please visit Starting Monday, 4th of July!


Welcome to Delhi Rock, Kyogi Wellness

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Kyogi Wellness is bringing their yoga program to Delhi Rock starting this week, weekday evenings and Sunday mornings. If you’re looking for an athletic and intense yoga style, this might be perfect for you. Varuna Shunglu has been teaching yoga for eight years, and is a highly accomplished teacher and yogi. She has an athletics and sports background (and used to practice law at the Delhi High Court!), so Kyogi is a complete yogic regimen, with equal parts of strength, flexibility, balance and breath. For more about Kyogi and our teachers Varuna and Nikita, please visit Starting Tuesday, July 5th!


Ballet Workshop with Yaroslava 2-3 July

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July 2nd & 3rd 11.30 am – 1.00 pm (adults section) 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm (kids section) Rs 1,000 for one day / Rs 1,800 for two days Yaroslava is back in Delhi for a few days and doing a follow-on to her earlier ballet workshops at Delhi Rock. Yaroslava’s an intense and highly accomplished teacher. Read on for details and registration.


Finally, # Name The Yeti!

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Hey guys, Psssst….! Our Yeti has finally come out from his summer hibernation and yes, he now has a name. Thanks to all of you and our partner Little Black Book Delhi, the #NameTheYeti social media campaign went really well. Kudos too to Nicole Juneja and Karishma Duggal, our two social media ninjas! So here goes: