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[UPDATE: Classes are live folks! Check out]

Hello folks!

We’re looking at starting Parkour classes at DR, so thought we’d do a free workshop to gauge interest and introduce Abhishek to our community. Do head on down to check this out if you’re interested in learning Parkour, and help spread the word!

Saturday April 1st 11.30 AM – 1 PM
Sunday April 2nd 11.30 AM – 1 PM
No charge, but do pre-register at
Ages 14+


Parkour is the art of navigating effortlessly through obstacles. The aim is to get from one point to another in the most efficient manner. Training safely is extremely important since the only equipment in Parkour is one’s own body. It is practised predominantly in an urban environment, providing a number of obstacles for a practitioner at almost any location.

At Delhi Rock we’ll break down Parkour in to:

– Jumps (take offs & landings)

– Strength building & conditioning

– Flexibility & balance

– Obstacle assessment & navigation

Students will be taught to navigate through obstacles using moves like the wall up, tic tac, the different variations of kongs, shoulder rolls etc.

Practising Parkour enhances one’s agility, strength & the ability to make quick decisions while on the move. It takes a bit of time to learn, but with regular training & conditioning – the world is our playground.


Abhishek has been practising & teaching parkour for seven years, and works in finance. He has been featured in ads built around brilliant Parkour moves, and built up a small community of Parkour enthusiasts in Delhi called MonkeyBusiness.

Intense and brainy, if you’ve been looking for a completely different way to approach your body and our urban environment, in Abhishek you’ll find a super person to learn from! For more about him, check out @MonkeyBusiness.

6 thoughts on “Intro to Parkour

  1. Hi
    You mentioned -gauging interest and I’d like to say I really have been waiting for something like this to happen and I’m definitely interested , although I won’t be able to make it on the dates mentioned but as soon as classes start I’ll be there !
    Cheers !

  2. Brilliant! We’ll update our pages in just a bit, so stay tuned! Classes will likely start the first week in April as well.

  3. How about a Delhi team ninja warrior event? lets build a team for team ninja warrior [usa] ??


  4. Abhishek is doing wonderful job,first trg youth in sport climbing and now in parkour.In fact Team Delhi Rock is doing much better in multiple fields than many of the NGOs/Foundations,looting Tax payers money in terms of finl grants,
    However,I am against competitiveness in adventure sports as they are in opposite directions.Therefore,opine a silly sport of Sport climbing(require huge capital infrastructure and recurring exp),where a participant hangs on ropes with support of a half a dozen people(belayers,route setters,judges) and wooed by a shouting crowd.This may be replaced by natural rock climbg and this fascinating street sport -parkour.

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