Climbing 101

Climbing 101 is Delhi Rock’s four part introduction to climbing course. At the end of this course, students will have:

  • Gained a thorough understanding of the safety systems involved in climbing.
  • Been instructed in the basic technical movement principles climbing is known for

Part 1 is about explaining climbing to you, illustrating the things we intend you to learn, and do equipment analysis and discussion. You’ll finish Part 1 with some basic climbing and guided belay practice.

Part 2 is about doing lots of belay practice and climbing in the gym, carrying out a normal climbing session with oversight. You’ll learn about routes, grades, planning, and technical movement.

Both days you will be climbing with an experienced instructor at hand to give you practical and tailored feedback on your climbing.

After the two weekend classes, you can set up two further practice sessions, included in your fee, where you come in and practice your belay and climbing.

Belay Safety

Climbing at a height or in remote locations entails undertaking objective risks. The consequences of a fall or other negligent behaviour can be severe injury or even death, so safety always comes first in climbing. As the safety system comprises equipment and its safe use and application, we focus on those aspects at Delhi Rock.

Safety is your responsibility at Delhi Rock. Once you’ve been trained in safe use, you are expected to be self sufficient, self aware, and conscientious in paying attention to safety. We reserve the right to revoke your climbing rights if we feel that you are not observing safe conduct.

There are three components to belay safety:

Safe equipment use

  • Harness fit should be snug, up at the narrowest part of your torso, not the hips/pelvis. Leg loops are tied where the butt meets the thigh. Adjust back straps accordingly.
  • Gear loops point down. Belay loop faces the front, and there should be no twists in any webbing. Buckles outside of thigh.
  • Ensure the harness cannot slip under the hip, particularly important for men. Ensure leg mobility, and no bunching of clothing.
  • If wearing an older style single buckle harness, check for doublebacking. Inspect for tears and other apparent damage.
  • Shoes should be super tight, toes crimped against the front, with the toebox full. Shoes should have minimal flex/articulation.
  • Return rental equipment after cleaning and spraying. You can use the blue medical spray to lightly spray harnesses and inside shoes.

Team work and communication

  • Partner check:
    ~ Check figure eight is tied neatly and correctly
    ~ Check harness buckles and carabiners lock
    ~ Adjust your partner’s harness if poorly fitted
    ~ Check rope is correctly led through belay device
  • We use the B.U.S. belay method (Brake, Under, Slide). This is the belay method advised by most US climbing safety organisations. Climbers must be thoroughly acquainted with its use.
  • Use the correct commands:
    “Am I on belay?” | “Your belay is on”
    “Climbing” | “Climb on”
    “Slack” | Partner feeds through slack
    “Tension” | Partner takes out slack
    “Downclimbing” | “Downclimb on”
    “Take” | “I’ve got you”
    “Lower” | “Lowering”

Situational awareness

  • Any deficiencies observed in the rope or anchors must be spotted and communicated to an instructor. Climbing on damaged rope or anchors puts both climber and belayer at risk
  • The correct rope should be used for the route, and led fair. It is the belayer’s responsibility to ensure that the climber does not wander off the route and set up a dangerous swing.
  • Belay with the right amount of slack. Too tight and you’re pulling your climber off balance. Too loose and the slack can be dangerous. Pay attention to your climber.
  • Never stand on the rope. Rope work is crucial in climbing. The rope is the single most important piece of equipment used in climbing.


Please register prior at:

TELLL 011-46588444 | MO 9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDPremises Nanaksar Gurudwara, opp res M-39, GK2 (see detailed directions)

38 thoughts on “Climbing 101

  1. Hie I am complete beginner and I wish to master at rock climbing. I am from gurgaon
    Could you telme how to start with what course and how many days a week would I be required to give?

  2. Hi Chandani, that’s great to hear. You should start with our Climbing 101 course (Sat & Sun at 5 pm, 4 sessions) and then start attending Master Class regularly (Wed and Sun at 7.30 PM). You should acquire reasonable proficiency and strength in about 6 months, but to become proficient usually takes years!

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to know how packed are you guys? I am definitely coming from the second week of May but I might not be able to make an online payment right now. Should I be worried about not being able to get a slot?


  4. Hi Sannidhya,

    You’re welcome to sign up online when you come through in May. 101 was super full a few weeks back, but people aren’t in Delhi as much in May, so it should be good.

  5. Hello, I wish to attend your classes in May. Are there any fixed dates for new entrants to join or can we enroll as per our wish? Also, since I have time, would you suggest any exercises I should start to make it easier to cope up with the effort of climbing? And can we drop by to see the Delhi Rock premises to get an idea of the facilities provided?

  6. Hi Prabha,

    Yes, 101 is every weekend at 5 PM, both days. You’re welcome to sign up for any weekend which suits you, online, and come in on the Saturday. Signups at

    Sure, do please drop in to see our facility. We’re open every day from 3 pm to 9.30 pm. For exercises, check out some of the videos we’ve posted to YouTube at, the conditioning playlist.

  7. Hello team,

    What are the charges for climbing during open hours after we get our belay card?

  8. Single pass is 400; 10 passes are 3000; 20 passes are 5000; monthly is 3200. Rental is free the first month, then 100 rs per use of harness / shoes, so good to buy your own gear if you plan to climb for a bit!

  9. Hi Team,

    I’m a complete beginner and want to try my hand in Rock Climbing. I would like to go for 101. Kindly let me know, if I have to get some gears on the very first day. Also, is there any age limit for this as am on the other side of 30.

  10. Hi Indranil,

    Your age is totally fine! Climbing is suitable for people in their 30s. You don’t need to bring any special gear, just regular athletic clothing is fine, but do check the gear and attire notes on

    Hope to see you soon!


  11. Hi Uttam,

    Climb 101 is Sat & Sun 5 pm, but once you’ve taken those, you can also attend MWF 7.30 pm for your continued climbing.


  12. Hi,
    I’m a newbie to the climbing world.
    But I’m interested in learning.
    I’ll be in Delhi till 11th Nov. Is it possible to cramp my Climbing 101 course till then? Is it possible to do the 101 course on 8/9/10/11 ? Please lit me know.
    Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi Tariq,

    Not necessarily, you can always just come boulder. Or if you already know the BUS belay and want to climb top rope, you can come and get belay tested without doing 101. If you’re not familiar with either, then yes, definitely take 101.


  14. Hi
    It is splendid to find a rock climbing gym, I can’t wait to see this in person. I am a complete beginner and want to learn everything there is not learn about rock climbing. Your gym is the nearest rock climbing gym I have – I live in Patiala. I would like to take part in Climbing 101 then further in master class. Are there any conditional exercises I should do before coming here ? Although, I exercise daily in a normal gym but I think rock climbing related exercises are completely different. Please guide through the exercises and the fee structure for the classes plus membership.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  15. Great. Do let us know when you’re in Delhi next and can start your 101!

    Sure, do YouTube climbing training, there are tonnes of great videos on climbing conditioning out there.

    The class and membership fee structure is at


  16. Hi Delhi Rock,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide such a detailed description! I have a quick question — my core and leg strength, as well as stamina, are not the greatest (but I would like to build them up); will climbing be too advanced for me to handle? Should I first, for example, build the endurance/strength to lift a certain amount of weight, or run/swim a certain distance?


  17. Hi Sonali,

    We have lots of relatively easy routes, and do lots of conditioning and warmup as well. So you should progress naturally with our classes, which is what I recommend. Do please come in for a single 101 class (Saturday or Sunday at 5 pm) and see how it goes.

    If you like the experience, you can continue further, or just pay for the single dropin, Rs 500.


  18. Hi. Do I have to register for climbing 101? Can I walk in at 5 PM this Saturday and take the course by paying there itself?

  19. Hello, I am visiting Delhi from American and I am an experienced climber. Do I need to take this class?

  20. Not necessarily. You can also schedule a belay test with us (email and revise your Brake Under Slide (BUS) belay! Post that you can come in and climbing during open hours as well as take Master Class.


  21. Hi Kanchan,

    The link is general purpose, you can specify the specific day on the following page.


  22. Hi,
    Wanted to know about the fee structure for the masterclass (could not find it on your website) and also the approx investment required for buying a climbing gear, if i want to pursue climbing for a long time. Regards.

  23. Master Class is priced like regular sessions as described at

    After Climbing 101, if you’d like to progress in your climbing, you should start attending our weekly Master Class sessions, taken by Ganesh. These are included in your passes or monthly membership and no registration is required.

    A good starter set of climbing gear (harness, shoes, belay device, locking biner, chalk bag) will cost about 10-12k total.


  24. Hi! i want to learn rock climbing! i work in GK1. My work ends at 7 pm. do you guys have any climbing 101 classes after 7 pm? it wont be possible for me to come before 7 pm. Btw, i dont have any experience of climbing and I don’t have very good upper body strength either. would climbing be possible for me?

  25. We have classes on the weekends for 101, so if you can make either Sat or Sun 5 pm, you should be good. You need 4 of those classes, and then you can attend the regular Mon Wed Fri classes at 7.30 pm.

    Yes, climbing classes include conditioning and strength. So you’ll definitely get stronger as you go.

  26. Hi
    I have a basic understanding of climbing and have climbed natural rocks ( beginner level ) , is it necessary to take the101 seminar or can I directly take the one month membership ? How many passes included in 1 month membership?

  27. Hi Gayathri,

    You are welcome to purchase the one month directly, and then start with a weekend (two classes) of 101 to brush up your belay skills. That is included in your monthly membership, you don’t have to pay separately for it.

    The 1 month is unlimited, so you can come every day if you’d like. We’re open six days a week.


  28. Hi
    I am from Delhi. I am a student and unfortunately get free on weekends only. I am new to rock climbing and wanted to learn but don’t know which course to join. Could you suggest me the best option according to my situation(weekends). And one more thing, is Climbing 101 one-time climbing session or monthly?

  29. Weekends are great. You would start with 101 on Sat & Sun at 5 pm; and then can keep coming on weekends to climb. 5 pm is always good on a weekend, you’d get personalised attention from Ganeshsir at that time. 101 is 4 sessions, but if you buy a monthly or passes right away, you can include 101 in those.

  30. Most climbers require at least 2-3 years before achieving proficiency, and it can take 5+ years to reach expert levels. It’s individual though, depends on your physical aptitude and regimen.


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