Chatru bouldering trip in August

August 11th – 15th
Cost ~ Rs 7,000

Back to Chatru for a bouldering trip! One of our favourite places, we’ve been going every year since we opened.

Chatru is a few hours from Manali, and just spectacular. Towering peaks in a valley, variable weather, and just a great collection of boulders.

It’s a famous place for bouldering, and camping out is super comfy, there’s a nice warm little dhaba for food. So just terrific. Outdoor sanitation, so no creature comforts per se!

Cost is born per person, once again; Volvos to Manali and back, taxi to Chatru and back, food and minor rental cost. We’ll ask somebody for help picking up crashpads from IMF.

Total cost will be about Rs 7,000 or so, including a Rs 2,500 fee for DR and Ganeshsir’s time. Email us at if interested!

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