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Notes on Dhauj and climbing outdoors

I wanted to share some thoughts about this past Sunday at Dhauj, things to think about for next time. If you intend to come with, read carefully, and let’s please start applying these.


We had folks turn up without helmets; helmets were needed, even on the little scrambles we had up to our two ledges. The area is exposed to rock fall, and since Dhauj isn’t maintained in any way, there is a serious risk of rock fall.

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Kareri Lake and Minkiani Pass

Overnight bus to Dharamsala, and then a 1.5 hr taxi to Kareri village via Ghera. About Rs 1,500 one way. Our taxi contact was Suman, 94182 53008.

Day 1: Kareri village (5,600 ft) to Kareri lake (9,650 ft), approximately 15 km and 7 hours one way, easy to moderate difficulty

Day 2: Kareri lake to Minkiani pass (13,950 ft), approximately 14 km and 8 hours roundtrip, challenging due to steepness, routefinding and altitude

Day 3: Back to Kareri village, approximately 15 km and 4 hours

Map link: Credits Simon Gottwalt.

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