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Parkour in the park

Our first outdoor parkour meet! Abhishek Ghosal is taking his Delhi Rock parkour students out for a day in the park with real obstacles, and also real guards chasing them away 🙂

Do join us for this if you’re interested in learning some parkour! Abhishek is a fantastic teacher, and already showing some super results with his students. Check out Delhi Rock’s FB page for videos on him and his students.

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Intro to Parkour

[UPDATE: Classes are live folks! Check out]

Hello folks!

We’re looking at starting Parkour classes at DR, so thought we’d do a free workshop to gauge interest and introduce Abhishek to our community. Do head on down to check this out if you’re interested in learning Parkour, and help spread the word!

Saturday April 1st 11.30 AM – 1 PM
Sunday April 2nd 11.30 AM – 1 PM
No charge, but do pre-register at
Ages 14+

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