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Everest Base Camp Apr 1-17

April 1st to 17th 2016

Club format (pay your own costs), estimate 60-85k from Delhi, spend depends on your choice of acco, porters, etc. 

Everest’s daunting summit soars so high that trekking to its base camp (17,590′) is still an adventure of the highest sort.

Join us on a 17-day Himalayan trek to Everest Base Camp through some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery. Discover the historic treasures of Kathmandu, stay in villages set against soaring, jagged pinnacles; get to know the unique culture of the Sherpas; and walk trails lined with mani stones, engraved with Tibetan Buddhist prayers. Discover remote mountain monasteries and learn about the Sherpas’ spiritual perspective on the mountains they call home.

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Patalsu 3 Day Winter Camping. 3rd Edition!

So, our third attempt at summiting Mt Patalsu! November 27 to 29.

Late November, early December is apparently a good time to head up to Manali and try Patalsu, 14,500 ft. We’ve done this twice before, and not summited, once because we tried to do a single day and that was too aggressive, and the second time we got weathered off the mountain.

So, this time we’re going to take three full days, winter camping for two nights so that we have a great shot at it. From our last trip, see pictures, we have a rough idea of where to pitch tents midway, so the plan is to get to Manali and try and knock off at least 2,000 feet of vertical the first day, pitch, do another 2,000 the next day and pitch, and then the remaining 2,000 on summit day and come all the way back.

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