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The Outdoor Program: Romp, 3rd Ed!

The Romp is an annual climbing festival now in its third year. Bangalore Climbing Initiatives organises this, and it’s invitation only – so folks coming from Delhi, please work with us to register for this, transport and availability are limited.

This year’s Ramanagara Romp is on Dec 16 and 17. The format will be somewhat similar as the previous editions. As many climbs as possible by teams of two in a 24 hour period spread over two days.

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Introducing The Outdoor Program!

Welcome to the start of the outdoor climbing season in Delhi folks! We’re super excited about launching our program, starting with safety basics and orientation indoors, then doing the rounds of outdoor locations (artificial and real rock) in Delhi, before heading back to Dhauj regularly for trad outings.

The program will be thorough, extend over months, and be a superb education in outdoor climbing, ethics and safety!

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Summer Bouldering Comp

Sunday August 6th
3 PM – 7 PM
Rs 200

We haven’t done a bouldering competition in ages! Summer competition, August 6th, save the date!

This will feature several categories for men’s and women’s, plus juniors, and different categories for beginners, intermediates and national-level. A plethora of formats. We’ll try our best to give people creative problems of all sorts to solve.

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CLIM SEM 1: Conditioning Bootcamp

First in our monthly series of climbing seminars – a set of specific and detailed workshops on particular topics in climbing.
Please come join Ganesh Chhetri, four time national champion and Delhi’s best climbing coach, for a two-hour intensive on climbing-specific conditioning.
The purpose of this workshop is to identify the basic climbing movements which climbers should train and condition for in the gym to improve their climbing and reduce risk of injury.

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Lead climbing class | Nainital trip

Hi everybody,

We’ve got a climbing trip and a lead climbing class coming up!

Ganeshsir is starting lead climbing classes at the gym from Friday the 23rd of September. This is suitable for anybody who’s belay certified, and wants to pick up the skills required to lead belay and lead climb safely. The lead climbing module is 4 classes, focused on: equipment used in sport lead; fitness for the added endurance required; clipping technique and practice; lead belay; communication and teamwork; rope coiling, storage, flaking and other ropework tips; quick draw placement and route planning.

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Sandeep Maity | Climbing Program Version 2.0

We want to introduce Sandeep Maity to you, who has joined the climbing program at Delhi Rock. Ganesh Chhetri remains our head coach and routesetter, and with Sandeep coming on board, we are starting what we hope will become the most comprehensive climbing program in the country.

First, a little about Sandeep:

Sandeep is one of the top three climbers in India currently, and has represented India nationally at both Asian and World championships over the past three years. He’s an accomplished outdoorsman, setting up first ascents in Hampi, Badami, Leh and Ramnagaram. He is one of India’s few climbers who’ve made climbing their profession and sole focus. He spent summer in Leh, will be at Hampi over New Year’s , and plans to go and spend several months climbing in Spain next year. Please give Sandeep a warm welcome (here’s his email address).

Second, a bit about the new program, which consists of four parts and will start on the 1st of December:

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Hampi Over New Year’s

It’s time to go to Hampi folks! We thought we’d create a page listing all of the beta we had from last year, so that folks can contribute to it, and help organise their trips this year. We’re working with Project Rockface on this trip, so that climbers going from Delhi have the best information on Hampi we can provide.

We’re also using Facebook to help share information on this year’s trip, so please head over to the event page if you’d like to take part.

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