Aerial Lyra / Hoop Workshop / Series 12

Saturday December 23rd.
11.30 – 13.30 hrs.
Rs 1,000.

This series of workshops is an introduction to aerial hoop (lyra). In these classes you’ll be introduced to the basic moves on the aerial hoop, and we’ll also learn conditioning exercises that prepare the body for aerial training and develop the required strength and range of motion for future practice.

We begin with a 30 min session with techniques across the aerial disciplines to hone in on your strength and flexibility. They’re designed to not only complement your skills and movement on the apparatus, but also your overall fitness on the ground. We then move onto the hoop, learning a variety of poses and postures.


DASHA has 15 years of dancing experience and 5 years of aerial acrobatics. Dasha received her training from teachers from Russia and Australia and through various workshops. Her classes include intense conditioning, stretching and learning tricks on the silks and hoop in gradual progressions tailored to the fitness level of every student. The main goal of her regular classes at Delhi Rock is to spread these beautiful circus arts in a safe way and create a fun and intelligent fitness practice.


The workshop is priced at Rs 1,000

Please pay online at and indicate payment towards “Aerial hoop”

2 thoughts on “Aerial Lyra / Hoop Workshop / Series 12

  1. Hi Denis,

    We host workshops every other week. Dasha has been on holiday, but is back on the 11th, and will resume hoop post. Please stay tuned to our social media, or subscribe to our newsletter!


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