A Few Updates!

Hi everybody! A few updates on things we’ve changed recently, and wanted to share with you. Not the most exciting update, but an important part of what we do!
So, we’ve made it easier for family members and friends to share passes.
Parents can now climb along with their children in the kids classes if they’d like to get their climbing in; we’re just asking that they take a couple of sessions of 101 so that they’re primed to climb. Parents can share passes with their kids as well.
Friends can share passes on the weekends, so for example if you’re already a climber at DR, and want to bring a friend or two in, you’re most welcome to, they won’t have to pay for equipment and can share your passes too. This extends to 101 as well!
For 101, if you want to commit to a full month, or a set of passes at DR, you’re welcome to apply four of those towards 101. We want people to commit to climbing, and charging ‘more’ for 101 is really not our goal.
Thank you!

2 thoughts on “A Few Updates!

  1. This is great!

    It would also be great if the first couple 101 classes focused on building a love of climbing with advanced concepts like tieing in being a 102 course once you get them hooked.

    I’ll continue to try and bring folks into the fold. Have 2 more coming this weekend.

  2. Right Jacob. Thank you, really do appreciate your helping us along, this whole while.

    I think Ganeshsir is an excellent coach, and people do recognise his quality; it’s just that climbing really isn’t for everyone, and even when I was helping teach and introduce people I used to be surprised by how many people had a good first experience, but then didn’t return.

    I think getting that commitment isn’t easy, and so a part of it is also that we need to focus maybe more on kids, who are generally more receptive, and likely to stick with the sport for a while. Fingers crossed!


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